Variable voltage vape pen instructions

Variable voltage vape pen controls the vaporizing temperature of cannabis oil through different voltages. Higher voltage means high temperature of ceramic heat coil and higher vaporization temperature. Different types of disposable weed pens require different vaporization temperatures. The right voltage range is important for the quality of weed vape vaporization. Too high temperatures can burn cannabis oil, damaging its flavor and active ingredients. While too low temperatures prevent full vaporizing of the THC or CBD oil.

In this article, we’ll help you understand the safe voltage ranges for different types of carts pens. It also shows how to adjust the voltage for volt vape pens and 510 variable voltage batteries. The ideal voltage of voltage pen ensures the complete vaporization of cannabis oil, achieving the perfect vaping experience.

Best voltage for thc carts

The optimal voltage for THC carts is between 2.2V and 4.0V. The ideal voltage depends on the type of cartridges and your preference, it is not a standard answer. From live resin carts, and live rosin carts to THC distillate cart, to make sure you get the pure flavor and tastes, it is better to start from the lower voltage and gradually increase it to find the best vaporizing temperature for your carts and vape pens.

  • Distillate carts:

The voltage range is recommended to be between 3.0V and 3.7V. Distillate THC is thicker than some other oil, requiring higher temperatures. Start at 3.0V and gradually increase to 3.7V to find the perfect balance between potency and flavor.

  • Live resin and live rosin carts(Lower temps)

The recommended voltage range is between 2.2V and 3.0V. Lower temperatures help preserve the terpenes in live carts, providing a tastier vaping experience. Lower temperatures are the best for live resin carts and live rosin carts.

  • Full spectrum cart:

The recommended voltage range is between 2.5 and 3.0 volts. Low-temperature preserves the full flavor of full spectrum carts.

  • CBD oil cart:

For pure CBD oil carts, the recommended voltage range is between 3.3 and 3.7 volts.

  • Waxing Cart:

The recommended voltage range is between 3.6 and 4.0 volts. Waxing carts are very thick, so they require higher temperatures to vaporize dab pen.

Variable voltage vape pen instructions

For all oil extract types, the key is to start at a low temperature and then gradually increase in small increments. This way allows you to find the perfect balance where you get the best vapor production, flavor, and effects from your THC cart without overheating. The ideal voltage depends on the type of weed cartridges and your personal preferences. So it’s best to experiment within these recommended voltage ranges.

How to use variable voltage vape pen?

When you get a vape pen battery with button, it means that you can set up the voltage. There are two molds of the vape pen, button-activated or draw-activated.

  • Push button vape pen:

How to use push button vape pen? Press the button while inhaling. The feature of push button vape pen is a button for activating the device.  

  • Auto draw vape pen battery with button:

After you turn on the vape hardware, you can just inhale it without pressing the button to make it work. The button is used for preheating and switching voltages.

  • Volt vape pen instructions:

1. Charge battery: Vape pen red light when charging. When fully charged, the vape pen light stays green or turns off.

2.Turn on: Click button rapidly five times. The light flashing continuously a few times means that the device is powered on.

3.Preheating: Press the button rapidly three times. The preheating process begins when the indicator light flashes continuously. When the preheating is complete, the light will turn off.

4.Voltage setting: Press the button two times to change voltage from low to medium and high. Please notice the instructions for vape pen color settings, different voltages match different vape pen voltage colors.

vape pen color settings


  • Button-Activated: Press and hold the button while inhaling
  • Draw-Activated: Only inhaling

6.Turn off: Press the button five times quickly, when the light flashes for few times it means power off.

How to set variable voltage vape pen

The best way to set a variable voltage vape pen to the perfect temperature is to ask yourself what kind of vaping experience you want. If you prefer a smoother vapor, use a lower voltage within the recommended range. For a balanced vaping experience, opt for a medium voltage within the recommended range. If you desire faster vaporization and stronger hits, you can try a higher voltage within the recommended range, as long as you don’t experience any overheating or burnt tastes. You can still explore outside the range cautiously.


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