Relaxotech Founded in 2013, Has been committed to the e-cigarette R&Dincluding production all in one process in Marijuana industry(Flower, Paste, Oil) Over the past 10 years, we have continuously optimized the team and trial and error is our competitiveness. We organized aexperienced R&D team of 15 people, mastering the core technology of atomizing core and a number of patents; Improve the laboratory for reliability testing and quality control system to ensure the quality and stability of products.(strict inspection of each supplier's raw materials to 100% shipment quality inspection, defective rate control at 1 ‰).2000 square meters dust-free workshop, 120 production workers, 20 quality control personnel to fulfill orders on time and quality.

Our Mission

relaxotech wholesale vape factory

Main products

Our main products include:
  1. 100% leakproof CBD/THC pod vape devices, 510 thread CBD/THC vape pens/cartridges/batteries,
  2. high end ceramic chamber dry herb vaporizers,
  3. smellproof / childproof airtight containers and bags.
With abundant OEM/ODM experiences, we can provide best service for you whether you are a newbie or veteran in vape industry.
So simplify your vaping life — leave the details to us.

Quality control

We uphold the highest quality standards.
Therefore, all products must pass CE, RoHS and SGS certifications and meet ISO 14000 standards.
We promise to control defective products within 3 ‰, to provide fast delivery and no-hassle after sales service.
We boast of large and stable supply chain collaboration, and we also have our own manufacturing facilities, so we can ensure short lead time and fast product delivery.
We have our own R&D departments. With strong industry design capability, we can launch fashionable new products timely to meet the customer requirements.
We put emphasis on intellectual property rights and have applied for quite a few patents both home and abroad, especially in the US.
We provide premium customer service. We offer Warranty on all our electronic components.
We listen and adapt according to what YOU want.

We don’t know where we'll be in 5 years or in 10 years. 
We do what we want for as long as we want, always bring the best vaping products to our customers, to you.

— RelaxoTech Team —


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