Wholesale Wax pen with empty 2 gram cartridge pen GD


  • Volume: 1, 2ml
  • Size: 22.2*14.0*108.2mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Material: ceramic, pctg, lithium battery, silica gel, aluminium tube.
  • Filling: top filling carts
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Preheating voltage:1v
  • Variable Voltage setting: 3.0v/3.4v/3.6v
  • Factory voltage:4.15v
  • Packaging:50pcs/box, 152*202*110mm,1.6kg/box
  • Carton:400pcs(8boxes)/carton, 420*320*250mm,14kg/carton

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GD Disposable vape pen – The taste future of Wax cartridge pen, it with revolutionary post-free design and display screen that can let you know clearly about the disposable pen’s status.

The GD is the newest all-in-one design, super easy for filling oil and caping, boxing. It has have very very low defective rate. Portable work. Any time just draw – puffing.

Because uses a high-class ceramic heating coil, it has powerful oil-taking and heating features. Super great work performance for wax oil, THC oil, and delta series oil vaping.

Every draw is an adventure for your feelings. It is like flying in the sky, running in a forest or quiet and slowing down all over the world.


1. All-in-one with the display screen

The display screen enhances the elegance and delicacy of your brand, making it look more like a high-end product rather than disposable ones. It also provides consumers with a perfect experience of control during use. The screen shows battery level and puff count, which can help consumers avoid low battery unexpectedly and control daily use.

2. The pen’s Center post-free&Cotton free design

This state-of-the-art Ceramic Coil builds wax cartridge pen, evaporates the original flavor of oil with the cleanest and purest breath. We’re proud to announce Zero heavy metals, and only provide a safe, smooth, and satisfactory vaping experience——3S vaping!

3. How to Fill

Step 1 Please check the silicone mouthpiece is tightly attached to the chamber’s top.

Wholesale Wax pen with empty 2 gram cartridge pen GD fill instructions

Step 2:Filling. It is easy to fill weeds oil when the needle reaches the cartridges in this position.

Wholesale Wax pen with empty 2 gram cartridge pen GD fill guider

Step 3:Press the cart’s mouthpiece on within 1-2 minutes after filling.

Wholesale Wax pen with empty 2 gram cartridge pen GD caping guider

Step 4:Store disposable pens between 68-77 degrees F. 


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