Best Vape Pen for Prefilled Cartridges

With 510 thread pens becoming very popular in the cannabis market, THC cartridge battery are specially designed for pre-filled vape cartridges. The market is full of many new 510 thread vape pen designs. How to choose the best vape pen for prefilled cartridges can be challenging. They also have a variety of names, such as 510 vape pen, vape pen, 510 thread battery, vape pen battery, and cartridge vape pen. To help you find the most suitable THC pen battery, we have made a list of the top twelve oil pen batteries for sale in 2024. Each oil cartridge battery on this list has been carefully selected for its unique features that set it apart from others. Understanding your needs makes it easy to find the best 510 thread battery for you.


Ooze twist slim pen


Ooze Twist slim pen: The number 1 510 thread battery sold in the United States

  • Price:    18 USD  
  • Voltage:    3.3V-4.8V
  • Capacity:    320mah
  • Product features: Use the dial at the bottom to choose a voltage between 3.3V to 4.8V. Make it fully cover the middle and high atomization temperatures. Suitable for delta 8 carts, d9 carts, delta 10 carts, thc distillate cart, dab carts, wax cartridges. Not suitable for live resin carts and live rosin carts.

Ooze duplex


Ooze duplex: Both for carts and dabs, won the best vaporizer at the High Times Cannabis Cup!

  • Price:    38 USD  
  • Voltage:    3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V.
  • Capacity:    900mah
  • Product features: Palm size, the kit includes a magnetic adapter for 510 carts and an atomizer for dabs.


Cookies battery


Cookies battery:  510 Plus Vape Cart Battery- The oil cartridges battery with the widest voltage range

  • Price:    39.9 USD  
  • Voltage:    1.8V 2.3V 2.8V 3.3V 3.8V
  • Capacity:    900mah
  • Product features: Pocket size, the cookie battery contains high, medium, and low-temperature range to meet almost all oil cartridges’ needs. But the temperature would be a bit lower for dab cartridge.


Jupiter palm battery


Jupiter palm battery: The most stylish 510 box battery

  • Price:    27.95 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.8V
  • Capacity:    500 mah
  • Product features: palm size, premium quality. The disadvantage is that it can not change the voltages, and there is no preheating function. But an upgraded Jupiter Palm Pro battery has different voltage settings.


Ccell battery Fino


Ccell battery Fino: The most high-end and elegant 510 battery

  • Price:    39.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.2V 2.4V 2.6V 2.8V 3.0V 3.2V 3.4V 3.6V
  • Capacity:    190mAh (Battery) + 1000mAh (Dock)
  • Product features: There is a mini battery and a main battery, which are composed of innovative design and novel functions. All 1g carts are suitable except for the low temperature of the dabs cartridge.


Brass knuckles battery


Brass knuckles battery: the cheapest cart battery within US local brands

  • Price:    9.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.4V 3.2V 4.0V
  • Capacity:    900mAh
  • Product features: Brass knuckle battery, cheap prices with different voltage settings, suitable for all kinds of thc oil 510 cartridge.



Strio cartbox 2g 510 Battery


Strio cartbox 2g 510 Batter: The most discreet 510 box battery

  • Price:    39.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.8V, 3.4V, 3.8V
  • Capacity:    650 mAh
  • Product features: stealth 510 battery, put 510 carts inside. It looks like a disposable vape pen. Suitable for 1g cart and 2gram cartridge.



Yocan kodo battery


Yocan Kodo battery: Only 30 minutes could be fully charged

  • Price:    12.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.5V 3.0V 3.5V
  • Capacity:    400 mAh
  • Product features: Easy to use, stylish, and compact. Available with 1 g carts and 2g carts, not suitable for dabs.



Yocan Uni pro box mod


Yocan Uni pro box mod: The most accurate voltage adjustment with 0.1V increase or decrease 510 box battery

  • Price:    18.66 USD  
  • Voltage:    2.0V-4.2V
  • Capacity:    650mAh
  • Product features: OLED display. Covering low, medium, and high atomization temperatures. Suitable for all sizes 510 thread carts and dab carts.


Lookah snail 2.0 cart battery


Lookah snail 2.0 cart battery: the smallest 510 thread battery, very cute design

  • Price:    15.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    3.2-4.1V
  • Capacity:    350mAh
  • Product features: super cool design of 510 thread battery, keep cartridges upside on table. Suitable for 1 gram cartridge and half gram cart.



Ryot verb 510


Ryot verb 510: keep mouthpiece clean cartridge battery

  • Price:    22.49 USD  
  • Voltage:    3.0V 3.3V 3.6V
  • Capacity:    650mAh
  • Product features: Unique ZIPPO lighter shape design, stealth cartridge battery. Suitable for .5g cart and 1g cartridges.



Binoo battery

Binoo battery: 3000mAh, the largest capacity thc cart battery, fully charged once can be used for 510 carts for 1-3 months

  • Price:    29.99 USD  
  • Voltage:    3.0V 3.3V 3.6V
  • Capacity:    3000 mAh
  • Product features: Huge battery capacity, long standby time, perfect for long periods of outdoor. The battery also has a mobile power function, which can temporarily charge the phone. Suitable for all sizes oil cartridges.


These batteries are all very popular, each with its distinct features. You can choose the most suitable carts weed battery based on your usage preferences, scenarios, and budget. There is no fixed standard for best vape pen for prefilled cartridges, the one that suits you best is the Best vape pen for prefilled cartridges. If you’re unsure about the vaporization temperature for different types of THC cartridges, you can refer to the Variable voltage vape pen instructions. Mastering some tips for using a 510 variable voltage battery will make vape smoke more enjoyable.

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