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Since 2020, cannabis vape pens have become the second-largest category in the U.S. cannabis market, only behind flowers. Within cannabis vape pens, the biggest category is 510 vape pens, followed by disposable vape pens (all-in-one). If you are a fan of 510 thread cartridge or a disposable vape pen,  you know how tasty, convenient, and discreet they are. To better maintain your vaping device and keep it running at high quality for a longer time, you need to know some vape cartridge tips. This article will surely be helpful for you.

What is a 510 cartridge?

The 510 vape cartridge is specially designed for vaporizing cannabis oil. It comes in 0.5ml, 1.0ml, and 2.0ml capacities. The “510” means the cartridge has a 510 thread at the bottom, which connects to a 510 threading battery to make a complete 510 vape pen. It is recommended to buy the easy-to-use prefilled 510 cartridges. Additionally, buy the 510 battery separately. They are sold separately.

510 cartridges

What is a disposable vape pen?

The disposable vape pen is an all-in-one vaporizing device that includes both the cartridge and the battery. You do not need to purchase a separate battery.

weed vape pen

Screw the 510 thread cartridge onto the 510 vape battery to make a complete vape pen, then use it the same way as an all-in-one disposable vape.

1. Charging battery: 1-2 hours

2. Turn on: Click the button five times. 

3. Preheating: Click the button two times to start the preheating function, preheating time will last 10-12s.

4. Voltage setting: Click the button three times to set voltage from low to medium to high. 

5. Inhale

  • Button-Activated: Press and hold the fire button while inhaling.
  • Draw-Activated: Olny inhaling.

6. Turn off: Click the button five times rapidly.

Best voltage for thc carts:

The vaporizing temperature of a vape pen is determined by its wattage, resistance, and voltage. Typically, the wattage and resistance are factory-set and unchangeable. Consumers can only adjust the vaporizing temperature by setting the voltage. Increasing the voltage setting will raise the vaporizing temperature. Voltage pen settings usually range from 2.5V to 4.0V. Clicking the button on the battery three times switches between different voltage settings. The correct vaporizing temperature determines the flavor, effect, and vapor quality of the concentrate.

Low voltage vaping is suitable for full or broad spectrum vaping, such as live resin carts and distillate blends, because they often have higher terpene content. Low voltage settings will provide purer vapor, vaporizing more terpenes, and giving excellent flavor, but with lighter hits or smaller vapor clouds.

Medium to high temperature vaping is suitable for CBD oil and THC distillate oil. Start using the weed vape pen at a low temperature and gradually increase it over time to find the best balance. This is part of the fun of vaping. Vaping at 4.0V or higher is not recommended because it can produce harsh, burnt vapor and may release harmful chemicals.

volt vape pen

How many hits in a vape cartridge?

There is no standard answer because everyone has different inhaling habits, and marijuana vape pen power is not the same. Some people take 5-10 seconds per hit, while most people take only 2-3 seconds, so the number of hits can vary greatly.

Based on standard machine testing: resistance 1.2 ohms, voltage 3.2 volts, inhale for 3 seconds and pause for 8 seconds, the approximate number of hits for different capacities are as follows (please note these are estimates, not exact numbers)

How many hits in a vape cartridge

How many hits from a vape pen to get high?

Tolerance: Everyone’s tolerance to cannabis products is different. The frequency and habits of using an e pen are also different. There is no standard answer. A heavy, long-term user might need 20 puffs to feel good, while a new user might reach a happy state with just 3-5 puffs.

Strain Sensitivity: Different cannabinoids may have specific tolerances. For example, you might have a high tolerance to HHC but be very sensitive to Delta-8 THC. The higher your tolerance, the more hits you need to achieve the desired effect.

Quality: The quality and ingredients of weed vapes affect their potency. Care and storage are also important. Exposure to UV light, high temperatures, and humidity can degrade cannabinoids and weaken the oil’s effect.

How to take care of a vape?

Weed pens need some maintenance and cleaning to work well for as long as possible.


Store cannabis vapes with batteries in a cool, dry, ventilated, and dark place. Avoid storing in high temperatures or freezing conditions. This helps extend battery life.

Avoiding leaky cartridges:

  • Buy cannabis vapes from legal dispensaries or reputable brand retail websites. You can identify genuine cannabis pens by looking for the manufacturer’s license number on the label.
  • Avoid carrying them on planes and keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Store cartridges upside down to prevent wax from coming out of the cartridge mouthpiece.
  • Store cartridges upright to prevent vape from leaking out of the air holes or the cartridge from leaking into the battery.

How to unclog a vape?

Buttonless vape pen: Try using a hairdryer on a low heat setting to blow on the cartridge for about two minutes. This will make the solidified liquid flow again. Then, try taking slow draws to clear the blockage.

Variable voltage vape pen: Use the preheat function twice in a row. This can remove most clogs and allow the oil to flow again.

For detailed instructions, please refer to another article, “How to Unclog a Cart

Having a marijuana vape pen means you have a more convenient way to consume cannabis. You can carry your favorite strains with you all day and live the life you love. We hope these vape pen tips answer all your questions. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Have a RELAX day!



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