Vape pen blinks when cartridge is in

Both smoking carts and disposable pens are designed to be compact, ensuring maximum portability and discretion. In the small space, the working status of a dispo smoke is often indicated by the cartridge pen’s light. Vape pen blinking can occur due to low battery power, poor contact, smoke cart short circuits, overheating, or mode switching. This guide will analyze the specific reasons for the vape pen light blinking and share how to handle it when the cartridge is inserted.


Vape pen batteries come with a factory setting for an 8-second or 10-second cutoff protection. If you inhale for longer than 8 or 10 seconds, the vapour battery automatically shuts off to prevent continuous operation, as indicated by the light flashing frequently. This cutoff protection is designed to prevent accidental activation of the weed cart battery.

Low battery:

During the use of a disposable pen, if the indicator light blinks continuously for an extended period and no smoke is produced, the battery pen is out of power. Please charge it promptly!

Connection issue:

When drawing from a disposable weed pen, if the indicator light flashes briefly and the cart pen battery is fully charged, this may show that the cart pen’s battery cannot detect the connected smoking carts. After cleaning the THC carts and battery connection, screw them back on without being too tight or too loose, ensuring effective contact to maintain the power supply, which will stop the flashing.

Short circuits:

Short circuits mainly occur when the cartridge shorts. When the two wires of the ceramic heating coil touch each other, a short circuit happens. Try not to over-tighten the connection between disposable carts and THC batteries, as it can easily cause damage and short circuits. Also, avoid continuous overheating, as it can speed up the aging and short circuits of disposable carts’ ceramic cores.

Compatibility problems:

Not all THC carts are compatible with all battery for carts, so it’s important to confirm compatibility between THC carts and cart batteries before purchasing. When encountering incompatible components, the device will react with brief flashing.

Production malfunction:

When there’s a quality issue with the dab cart itself, it won’t work as well. In such cases, when you press the button, cartridge pens typically flash three times. If this happens with a brand-new cart pen, it’s usually a problem with the factory or transportation, so please contact the brand immediately for a replacement.


What does the blinks number mean?


The meaning of the number of flashes on the carts pen depends on the requirements and design of each vape pen manufacturer and e-cigarette brand. The most accurate explanation can be found in the product manual. However, here are some common reasons why e-cigarette indicator lights usually flash.

vape pen blinks when cartridge is in

Vape pen blinking 3 times

  • cartridge short circuit causes the device to stop working.
  • Poor contact at the connection between THC carts and 510 threaded batteries prevents proper power supply and causes the device to stop working.

Vape pen blinking 5 blinks

  • If you inhale for more than 8 or 10 seconds, wax pen batteries activate 8-second or 10-second cutoff protection to prevent ceramic heating coil overheating or damage.

Vape penblinking 10 times

  • When the weed pens are out of battery, indicator lights blink 15 times

Vape pen blinking 15 times

  • A few weed pens’s indicator lights blink 15 times when they are out of battery.


How can I prevent the vape pen blinks when cartridge is in?


Charge promptly

When the carts pen is out of power, the blinking indicator light flashes as a reminder. To ensure consistently high-quality vaporization, it’s best to charge when the battery is low, rather than waiting until it’s completely drained. Low battery levels can reduce vaporization temperature, resulting in decreased flavor and smaller vapor clouds. When you notice a decrease in vapor volume and flavor, it’s time to charge.

Clean the connection between the 510 cart and the battery promptly

Check for leaks, condensation, or debris buildup at the connection between honey carts and 510 cart batteries to ensure effective operation. If a disposable vape pen cannot be opened for internal cleaning, purchase reputable brands to minimize the risk of stoppages due to leaks and condensation.

Try to avoid short circuits

Avoid continuously vaping weed pens as they may burn out the ceramic heating coil. Excessive wear leads to short circuits as well.

Store the vape pen properly

Store in a dry, room temperature environment, away from direct sunlight, and avoid temperatures below -20°C and above 60°C; prevent internal component damage from high-altitude drops.

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