How to unclog a cart

If you encounter “vape pen cartridge no airflow” or “vape pen hard to pull” while using disposable carts, the vape device is likely clogged. This can be super frustrating! Let’s figure out the reasons for a clogged cart and try some simple ways to unclog it, getting it back to its normal working function.

The reasons vape pens are hard to pull

  • Ceramic core clog: just simply ceramic core clogging will not fully block airflow, but there will be a weak airflow with a burnt taste;
  • Outlet airway clog: The vape pen cartridge has no airflow, with extracts leaking from the mouthpiece;
  • Inlet airway clog: The vape pen cartridge has no airflow, with oil leakage from the bottom.

vape pen cartridge no airflow

How to unclog cart in an easy way?

The key to unclogging vaping devices is warming up concentrates to get the oil flowing while also cleaning up the airflow passages.

The battery’s preheating function can only warm up the oil around the ceramics coil, but can not heat the oil in the airflow passages. Choose external heating by using a hairdryer (6 inches, 30 seconds), heat gun (30 seconds), and hot water (80°C, 2-3 minutes) can warm up the concentrates in the airflow passages.

We will share some specific ways to unclog a 510 cart and disposable vapes as below.

A. How to unclog a disposable vape pen?

Ceramic core clog

  • If the device has a preheating function, use it 1-2 times, then apply gentle suction through its mouthpiece to resolve the issue. If the all-in-one device does not have a preheating function, external heating is the only option.

Outlet airway clog

  • Remove oil from the mouthpiece using a straightened paperclip. Clean the upper 3/4 part of the metal tube, but avoid the bottom 1/4 part where the ceramic core is located. Wipe off any concentrates leaking from the mouthpiece. However, this method may only work once, and there is a high chance of further clogging later on.

How to unclog cart

  • Cleaning out the vape post: After warming up the vape pen externally to let the oil flow freely, place the pen upside down for 5-10 minutes. Then, hold the battery section in your hand with the mouthpiece facing downwards and shake vigorously. This will remove any blockages from the airflow passage, effectively clearing it. This method will greatly reduce the frequency of clogging.

Inlet airway clog

  • “All in one” refers to a closed system where the atomizer and battery are integrated, it is impossible to open or manually clear the airflow passage. The only option is to attempt external heating, then pull increased sucking pressure on the mouthpiece.

B. How to unclog a disposable 510 cart?

  • Ceramic core clog: Please use the preheating function to preheat 1-2 times before normal use;
  • Outlet airway clog: The same way as the all-in-one disposable vapes as above mentioned;

How to unclog a cart

  • Inlet airway clog: After warming up the whole device, gently clean the airflow holes with a toothpick or small needle, and use a damp cloth to wipe away any oil residue around the holes. Loosen the connection between the atomizer and battery as much as possible while still maintaining electrical contact to let in more air, then try taking a hit.

vape pen hard to pull

Generally, dealing with clogs in vaping hardware’s ceramic core and airflow passage is quite straightforward. The real challenge comes when leaks cause clogs in the inlet airway, mainly due to hardware quality problems. It’s a good idea to talk to the seller about getting a replacement. If that’s not an option, the only choice is to remove oil from the prefilled cartridge and use the leftover concentrates with other devices.


Why does a vape cart get clogged?

The primary reasons for vape clogging are condensation and leaks. Blockages due to condensation can usually be fixed by warming up the oil. However, blockages caused by leaks in the inlet airway are harder to clear.

Condensation buildup

  • With every puff, leftover mist (water and oil) builds up on the ceramic coil and the whole airflow channel. When it accumulates to a certain extent and cools down, it hardens, leading to a clog in the air passage.


  • Vape hardware quality issues: Leakage primarily occurs downwards, either leaking from the metal bottom of 510 carts or the bottom of the atomizer in all-in-one devices onto the battery;
  • Improper usage: Hitting too hard can make oil leak upwards, gathering in the airflow passage before it can be vaporized because of the strong suction pressure.
  • High temperatures and high atmospheric pressure: This often results in oil leaking into both inlet and outlet airway at the same time.


How to prevent a vape cart from clogging?

  • Preheat your device: choose a 510 variable voltage battery or an all-in-one device with a preheating function. Thick weed pens need preheating for best results.
  • Take gentle hits: Avoid pulling too hard to prevent overheating your vaping device.
  • Clean regularly: Wipe oil leaks from the mouthpiece, and clean airflow holes, and the area around them.
  • Store properly: Keep your vape cart in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Keep upright: Only necessary if you notice oil easily leaking from the mouthpiece.
  • Choose quality disposables: Choosing high-quality disposable carts and pens to minimize airflow leaks from poor hardware. It is the most difficult to unclog when an inlet airway is clogged caused by leakage.

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