Why is my vape cart not working?

Why is my vape cart not working? As electronic products, weed vape pens can sometimes stop working. There are four main reasons for this: battery issues, cartridge issues, connection issues between the THC vape cartridge and the battery, and charging issues. This article shares how to figure out why a weed vape pen is not working, step by step, and provides solutions. It explains which non-quality issues you can fix yourself, and which quality issues require you to contact the seller for a replacement or repair. As long as you follow this guide, you can easily resolve the issues with your essential oil pens.

Vape pen not working after charge?

As new users, It’ll be tough to figure out why the thc vape cartridges not working. But If you follow the below steps, mostly can make the cartridge battery vape back to work again.

Step 1: Charging vape pen

Normal: Both the battery and USB cable indicator lights turn on, the battery shows a red light or red blinking light, and when fully charged, the light turns green, white, or off. (Go to Step 2)

Not Normal: The battery indicator light does not turn on, meaning it is not charging.


a. Check the battery pen’s charging port, If dirty, clean it; If damaged, replace the vape pen.

b. Check the cable or charger: If the USB indicator light does not turn on, the charging device is damaged. Try a different charger and cable.

c. Ensure correct charging voltage: The pen for the cartridge only accepts 5-volt charging. Use a computer or car charger that is 5 volts. Avoid fast chargers over 5 volts as they can cause issues like not charging, overcharging, or not turning on.

Why is my smok vape not charging? Exclude charging port issues, If it is dirty; Exclude cable or charger issues: If they are not damaged, check the fast charging mode. If using a 5-volt charger. If it still does not charge, the smok battery is likely bad.

For pens with removable batteries (like 510 threading), replace the battery. For pens with built-in batteries (like all-in-one), contact the seller for a replacement.

Step 2: Drawing

Normal: The cart has airflow but no smoke. (Go to Step 3)

Not Normal: If the vape pen cartridge has no airflow or is hard to pull, it is likely clogged due to weed oil or condensation.


How to fix a clogged vape cartridge? Use the preheat function on the volt vape pen twice. Use a hair dryer on low setting to warm the cart until the THC oil flows naturally.

For more details, see our previous article: How to unclog a cart!

Step 3: Checking the battery light

Normal: The power light flashes a few times, indicating it can turn on. When you inhale, the battery light is on but there is no smoke. This means the battery is okay. (Go to step 4)

Not Normal: The power light does not turn on, and the pen can not start. This means the battery is bad. If the pen turns on but the battery light flashes when you inhale, the oil cart is bad.


A bad battery is a quality issue. Contact the seller for a replacement. A ceramic cartridge that is not damaged by a high-power vape mod is also a quality issue, you should contact the seller as soon as possible for a replacement.

Step 4: Checking connection parts

Normal: The 510 thread cartridge and 510 battery connection is clean with no leaks or dirt, and the connection is perfectable but not too tight. (Go to Step 5)

Not Normal: There is oil leakage at the connection. The connection is too tight, causing the silicone at the bottom of the atomizer to deform and lose contact.


Clean up the connection between the 510 ceramic cartridge and the 510 battery. Using alcohol and a cotton swab. Do not over tighten the connection. Screw it in fully, then back off a little so it can make contact and power up.

Step 5: Damaged coil

If the cart has airflow but no smoke, and the battery light is on when inhaling, and the 510 vape pen connection is fine, then the atomizer is broken. The heating coil is broken.


Once the ceramic coil is broken, you cannot fix it. You must replace it with a new one. If you cannot replace it, do not waste the oil. Learn how to transfer oil between cartridges online.

Step 6: Device breakdown

These steps can solve 90% of non-quality issues. If the problem is not solved, the cart pen might have a quality defect. This could be due to design flaws, manufacturing errors, or damage during shipping.


In this case, return it to the seller or manufacturer. Buy a new THC vape pen from a trusted brand.

Why is my new cart not hitting?

When new cart pens do not work, it is usually easy to identify and fix the problem.

510 Cartridge Not Working:

Non-Quality Issue: If the new waxing cartridge cannot be inhaled, it is usually due to the oil hardening and causing a clogged vape cartridge.


Use the battery preheat function or a hairdryer to warm the cartridge until the THC oil can flow. Then it should work.

Quality Issue: Ensure there are no issues with the 510 thread vape pen connection and the battery is working. If the new cartridge can be easily inhaled but does not work, the coil is broken.


This is usually due to shipping or factory quality problems. Request a replacement from the seller immediately. 

Disposable Vape Pen Not Working:

New disposable pens are sold fully charged. If they do not work after turning on and preheating, it is a quality issue.


Contact the seller for a replacement directly.

How you handle weed vape pens greatly impacts their performance. Here are some tips to extend their lifespan:

  1. Choose high-quality products from reputable retailers and brands.
  2. Store properly, avoiding exposure to high heat, sunlight, and extreme cold.
  3. Regularly clean 510 thread vape pens; do not overtighten connections
  4. Use a 5-volt charging state and avoid fast charging.
  5. Avoid using high-power mod batteries; incorrect power settings can easily break ceramic coils. Use correct voltage settings, keeping between 2.5 volts and 3.3 volts.

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