Wholesale 510 threaded vape battery for cartridges BINOO

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  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Size: 52*35*84mm
  • Weight: 90.3g
  • Material: pc, aluminium, Silicone.
  • Preheating voltage: 1V
  • Variable Voltage setting: 3.0V/3.3V/3.6V
  • Packaging: 1pcs / color box / 55.5*64*120mm

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BINOO 2-in-1 510 threaded vape battery – the perfect companion to your 510 vape cartridge. Sufficient battery capacity and stable performance allow you to enjoy vaping anytime and anywhere.

Large capacity battery, two-in-one function

BINOO 510 cartridge battery has a large capacity of 3000mAh, allowing you to say goodbye to frequent charging. Charge once can use 510 carts for a month. No matter where you are, just connect any 510 cartridge to the 510 threaded port to smoke easily and uninterruptedly. Enjoy the atomization. In addition, its 2-in-1 design can also be used as a mobile power bank to charge your phone when conditions are limited.

Enhance your vaping experience with our BINOO 510 vape pen battery, which features a user-friendly single-button design. Easily power on, preheat, and choose from three adjustable voltage settings to perfectly deliver the flavor and potency of wax oils, THC oils, and Delta Series oils, so you can enjoy clouds of rich flavor wherever you go.

10+years of OEM/ODM experience, design your style

Customize your BINOO with our OEM/ODM options, including personalized logo and exterior styling. Let every detail reflect your brand’s uniqueness.


Compact, lightweight, and designed to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, BINOO offers ergonomic comfort and portability – your trusted portable lifestyle companion.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, surfing, or skiing, you can take this compact vape 510 battery with you, slip it into your pocket or hold it in your hand, have a relax day.


510 Battery Instructions

  1. Install the compatible 510 atomizing cartridge.
  2. Press the button 5 times to turn On/Off. The LED flashes 5 times and then it enters standby in the current-voltage mode.
  3. Press the button 2 times to change the voltage: 3.0V(green)>3.3V(yellow)>3.6V(red)
  4. Press the button 3 times to preheat(1V), color change alternately, and press once halfway to exit preheating.
  5. Press and hold the power button to start vaping.
  6. The device automatically turns off if there is no operation for 10 minutes. (Mobile power won’t turn off)

Mobile Power Bank Instructions

  1. Insert the mobile into charging port. The battery Led shows white.
  2. When the battery Led flashes, please charge the device.
  3. Each battery Led represents 25% of power.

Experience the future of CBD vaping with BINOO.

2 reviews for Wholesale 510 threaded vape battery for cartridges BINOO

  1. Liam J Smith

    Love the BINOO! Super durable, fits all my cartridges, and easy to use. The adjustable voltage is a nice touch. Perfect for vaping on the go!

  2. Laura F

    Like binoo soooooooo much, very unique appearance, good price. DOPE!!!!!

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