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Do You Experience The Issues When Buying Wholesale Vape Products from China

  • It isn’t easy to Find a Guaranteed wholesale vaporizer Manufacturer from China.
  • Uneven Quality of vape supplies from China, Few ecig wholesalers can Guarantee the Lifetime of vaporizers.
  • Long Lead Times of vaping gadgets from China and also the Shipment Time is Non-Guaranteed.
  • Few China factories will Offer Solutions When You Face Issues with vape pen devices.
  • Few China Vendors have a Complete service with vaporizer Design, Development, Manufacturing, Selling, After-Sale Service and Technical Support.
  • Long Lead Times of vape pes from China and also the Shipment Time is Non-Guaranteed.

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Best Quality Vaporizers

We have the first class-1000 air cleanliness workshop in China vaping industry, and the parts of its environment can reach class 100.

Production team adopts ERP system to manage the designers and workers and plan the enterprise resource.

From raw material procurement to production, we have a perfect management system to manage quality inspection.

relaxotech wholesale vaping supplies


Professional logistics and distribution, to ensure the devices with accurate delivery in time.

We have experienced technical personnel to provide you with staff training and technical advisory services free of charge.

The professional after-sale team regularly visit by internet, rapid response within 24 hours.


Leave your name and email below along with what you are looking for in the message box. Or you can call us at relaxotech wholesale vaping supplies +1.626.503.2101.

Relaxotech is the official wholesale vaporizer site for buying mod vape, wax vaporizers, dry herb vape pens, disposable vapes and more. Our online wholesale vape supplies local vape shops, tobacco shops, online vape vendors, and distributors. Our mission here at Relaxotech is to improve the lives of adult smokers by eradicating the harm caused by smoking and changing the world for the better, with style. 

The cartridges of modern technology and development from Relaxotech taking the vape pen market by a tornado are currently offered in the GX Disposable Vape Pen for delta 8 THC oil. That is correct; the GX is taking single-use vape pens to a new level with black crystal ceramic heating element coil ceramic technology that does not call for any wick and offers you the purest vapor ever. We have also updated it to use a rechargeable element, guaranteeing your pen lasts much longer than your oil, and your item’s service life is made the best use of it. The mini USB port will certainly minimize consumer complaints from incomplete oil pens that have no power left.

Disposable vape pens are typically used by vape oil firms as fast as simple items that need very little prep work and can be disposed of after the battery life goes out. Nonetheless, the high quality of those pens experiences inexpensive components, very little quality assurance, leaking, and batteries that do not last for the complete use duration. While we provide disposable vape pens that go through strict management and efficiency criteria, we understood it was time to take the disposable version to the Severe!

The GX Disposable vape pen that’s wholly powered to run the black crystal ceramic heating element coil ceramic heating component inside the cartridge. This offers the most effective tasting puff and does not mask your oil’s taste with cotton or fiberglass wicks that can surely burn with more significant voltage batteries. Indeed, you can expect it to run for a minimum of 200 clouds of smoke; we see as much as 250+ smokes sometimes. That primarily relies on exactly how you use it and also the length of your pull for sure.

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