Vape Cartridge Capping Machine 7.5T Vertical D-750


  • Model: D-750
  • Input voltage (V): AC110VAC  60Hz
  • Capacity (power) of the input power supply: 1.2KW
  • Applicable atomizer length: 20-120mm
  • Equipment size: L650xW500xH1320mm
  • Equipment weight: 175kg
  • Environmental conditions: Temperature 10~40℃
  • Working pressure: 7500kg
  • Control mode: Hydraulic control

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Boost Your Production with the Vape Cartridge Capping Machine D-750 —- Precision, Efficiency, and Reliability for Your CBD/THC Vape Cartridge Line

In the competitive vape industry, having the right equipment is essential. Therefore, our Vape Cartridge Capping Machine D-750 is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers, offering top-notch precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Key Features of the Vape Cartridge Capping Machine D-750:

  • High Precision Capping: Perfectly seals every cartridge or pod, maintaining product quality and consistency.
  • Robust Construction: Built with durable materials for continuous operation and long-term performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use controls minimize training time and maximize productivity.
  • Adjustable Settings: Customize capping pressure to suit various device sizes and designs.
  • Automated Operation: Streamlines production with automation, reducing manual labor and increasing throughput.
  • Emergency Stop Button: Enhances safety with an emergency stop button for immediate halting of operations in case of issues.

Manufacturer Benefits:

  • Consistent Production: Achieves uniform capping across all units, ensuring high standards for every product.
  • Increased Efficiency: High-speed operation boosts production, reducing bottlenecks and improving output.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimizes waste and reduces labor costs with our efficient and reliable machine.
  • Enhanced Quality Control: Precise capping reduces the risk of leaks and contamination, improving customer satisfaction.
  • Safety First: The emergency stop button ensures quick response to operational issues, protecting your workforce and equipment.

Why Choose Vape Cartridge Capping Machine D-750?

As a CBD/THC vape brand, produce high-quality CBD vape products that stand out in the market is your goal. Thus, our CBD cartridge press machine D-750 is engineered to help you achieve that goal. D-750 enhances productivity, product quality, and safety, fitting seamlessly into your production line.

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Ready to upgrade? Contact us to learn more about the cartridge filling and capping machine D-750. Our experts are here to help you make the best choice for your manufacturing needs.

In conclusion, invest in the D-750 for precision, efficiency, reliability, and safety in your CBD and THC vape production.


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