Cartridge Filling Equipment oil Filler Gun Supplier BM001


  • Model:BM001
  • Capacity:25ml/50ml
  • Gear:0.5ml/ 1ml/ 1.5ml/ 2ml/ 2.5ml/ 3ml/ 4ml/ 5ml
  • Voltage:AC100V~240V
  • Power Ratio:40W
  • Heating Temperature:0°C~200°C
  • Color:Sliver
  • Power Cable:1.5m
  • Package dimension (mm)/Gross weight: 480*280*130mm/about 3.0kg

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Introducing the Ultimate Cartridge Filling Equipment BM001 for CBD/THC Brand

Are you looking to improve your production process? Our Cartridge Filling Equipment is designed specifically for CBD/THC oils, offering numerous benefits to elevate your efficiency and product quality.

Larger Oil Intake Diameter for Enhanced Efficiency

Our equipment features an enlarged oil intake diameter, significantly improving the speed of the filling process. Traditional machines often handle high-viscosity oils slowly and inefficiently. This enhancement allows for faster and easier filling, reducing labor costs and minimizing oil wastage.

Adjustable Heating Function for Optimal Oil Viscosity

The adjustable heating system ranges from 0°C to 200°C, ensuring the oil maintains the ideal temperature for smooth filling. This prevents clogs and ensures a steady flow, helping maintain the integrity and potency of the oils.

360° Transparent Wall Tube for Easy Monitoring

The 360° transparent tube design enables operators to continuously monitor the liquid inside. This feature enhances convenience and safety, ensuring that the filling process is always visible and controlled, thereby reducing wastage and improving accuracy.

Specially Designed for CBD/THC Oils

Our equipment is specifically engineered for CBD and THC oils. The materials used are compatible with these oils, preventing contamination and preserving their purity, making it ideal for high-quality vape cartridge production.

Benefits for Your Manufacturing Process

Increased Productivity: Faster filling speeds allow you to meet higher demand efficiently.
Cost Efficiency: Reduces oil wastage and labor costs.
User-Friendly Operation: Intuitive design minimizes training time and reduces errors.
Scalable: Suitable for both small startups and large-scale manufacturers.
Low Maintenance: The transparent tube design makes monitoring and upkeep easy.

Invest in Quality and Efficiency

Enhance your manufacturing process with our Cartridge Filling Equipment. Benefit from the larger oil intake diameter, adjustable heating, and 360° transparency. Contact us now to learn how our equipment can transform your production line.


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