wholesale disposable pods pen in bulk and battery for pen P3S


  • Volume: 2ml
  • Size: 77*32*14mm
  • Weight: 27g
  • Material: ceramic, pctg, lithium battery, silica gel, aluminum body.
  • Filling: top filling carts
  • Resistance: 1.2Ω
  • Preheating voltage:1v
  • Variable Voltage setting: 3.0v/3.3v/3.6v
  • Factory voltage: 4.15v
  • Packaging: 50pcs/box, 185*185*12mm,1.2kg/box (battery)
  •          50pcs/box, 187*346*41mm,0.9kg/box (pod)

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P3S is pod pen in bulk and Battery for Pen, designed for THC oil, CBD oil, and cannabis distillate. The pod system contains a rechargeable battery for long-term use and a pod for filling cannabis oil only for one-time use.

The pod is Compared to standard 510 carts, the hit is stronger and also goes through oil faster. Because it uses a larger ceramic heating coil technology and a U-shaped design at the bottom of the chamber. Try to absorb every drop of oil as much as possible, producing a pure, full, and smooth vaping experience.

P3S is palm-sized, portable, and stealthy to use and store, with a preheating, 3.0v-3.3v-3.6v voltage range.

P3S looks like a regular e-cigarette, stylish and discreet, enjoy vaping on the go. The pod builds an advanced airflow design, anti-leakage inner structure, and premium materials for a comfortable vaping experience.

P3S battery not only supports the P3S pod but also supports 510 cartridges, it is also a cart pen battery that matches 510 THCA carts based on the 510 adapter. Whether choose this 510 adapter according to your brand strategy

Consumers choose 510 products, there will be many brands to choose from next time. Once they invest in the pod system, will keep coming back for your brand.

Top filling, easy filling. Relaxotech can provide oil-filling machines according to this pod system and your needs.


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