Wholesale Dab pen wax pen electronic dab glass bong GVP


  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • Size: 31.1*25.8*70mm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Material: glass pipe, lithium battery, ceramic coil, aluminium body.
  • Voltage Setting: 3.0V/3.5V/4.0V
  • Charging time: ≤2 hours
  • Carton:36set(bag)/carton, 510*370*410mm,13kg/carton

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GVP is a wax vaporizer, and wax pen with multifunction for your oils and concentrates. With 3 levels of voltage setting(3.0V/3.5V/4.0V, full ceramic chamber, ceramic heating tip, and glass accessories. It allows users to transform the device to DIY their sessions, whatever mold, and only one hit reaches your desire.


3 in 1 means three ways to consume concentrates. Choose different accessories to build your liking.

  1. Dab rig.

Screw the ceramic atomizer onto the battery top. Screw the connector and twist the glass adapter. Insert the battery into the rig, ready to enjoy.

  1. Nectar collector

Screw the heating tip to the battery top. On the other side screw the glass connecter on and twist the glass tube into place.

  1. 510 cartridge vape battery

Twist a prefilled 510 cart onto the battery top, and prepare to enjoy!


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