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Portable vaporizer “Imag Plus” review

User review from a USA CBD oil vape brand :

There is no oil leaking in the POD vape carts prefilled with CBD oils.

I definitely can recommend the Imag+ dry herb vaporizer, but after testing the classic Imag, I never had any doubts that I wouldn’t like the Imag Plus, anyway. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s easy to use, it’s a cloud machine, it tastes good and it looks like an ecig! What else could you ask for?! Click here read more…


I gave up on portables about a year ago after I got my enano but, I have had the need for one a lot more recently. Looked here, spotted the imag and inquired. Always wanted a pen form portable for herb.
Ive gotta say the imag + is an absolute portable beast! This is a heavy hitter. I already love it so much that I ran out to the shop and devised a water tool adapter.
This thing produces copious amounts of vapor. The flavor is better than a pax or say a pnp but, nothing like an enano or alike. Tasty though for a portable. If you are familiar with the enano (which is a desktop log vape and my pick for best vape ever) then you’ll understand this next part. Click here read more…

The IMAG Plus is the slimmest and most discreet portable vaporizer option available.
Huge clouds of vapor from the IMAG Plus… it outperforms the FlowerMate V5.0S! Click here read more…

This unit is easily on par with the Pax by Ploom and the Da Vinci Ascent. Click here read more…



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