Airtight Vacuum Seal Portable Storage Container for Dry Goods, Food, and Herbs

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Patented Vacuum Seal- This patented system creates a vacuum seal and keeps all dry goods (coffeeteasugarmedical herbs) FRESHER for LONGER (According to experiments, your dry goods will last 3 X longer).

Smell Proof – Almost all food goods are smell proof inside the jar.

Portable and Multi-use Container – Whether at home or during travel, it’s a portable and multi-use storage container. It fits easily in large purses and backpacks. No batteries or electricity required!

Smellproof Container

Smell Proof – Almost all food goods are smell proof inside the jar.

usage for container

Container Sizes

Available in different sizes

container size

How to Use

1.Press the button and open the cap.

how to use container

2. Put in dry goods.

3. Press the button to release the air and screw back the cap.

how to use container step 2

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