New IMAG Plus – Your Stealth Vape


Want a portable, stealthy vape pen desperately?

Some say: No way!

“Don’t try to vaporize buds or dry herb with a vape pen, it won’t work!”

However, many people think otherwise:

“I gave up on portables about a year ago after I got my enano but, I have had the need for one a lot more recently. Looked here, spotted the imag and inquired. Always wanted a pen form portable for herb.
Ive gotta say the imag + is an absolute portable beast! This is a heavy hitter. I already love it so much that I ran out to the shop and devised a water tool adapter.
This thing produces copious amounts of vapor. The flavor is better than a pax or say a pnp but, nothing like an enano or alike. Tasty though for a portable. If you are familiar with the enano (which is a desktop log vape and my pick for best vape ever) then you’ll understand this next part.”

“It’s honestly every bit as good or better in most cases than every other portable I’ve ever used. My silver and black one looks like it could be a new model solo or something like that. Materials don’t seem cheap at all. (All metal). And build quiality is superb for a china product (or American for that matter). It really is a strong, heavy hitter of a portable. For the money you cannot go wrong.”

“Just placed my order. In addition to the Solo, I think this would be a good portable, I need it to vape around the corner, when I go walk during the day with the Dog or after work on the way home, it’s less conspicuous”

“Gets solid clouds out of all my pieces. Only other ‘pen-sized’ vape I’ve used that delivered clouds this big was the tvape. I prefer the imag for most applications.

“I would definitely buy a mouthpiece from you. …… Took it out to the bars last night and no one batted an eye as I walked down the street vaping my “e-cig””

“.thanks..yup also a fan of low temps run my solo on 3 and finish on 4 of 5. ..mostly looking for something to take to the lake with me and be discreet and something I can just toss in my pocket when I’m done. Sounds like this is gonna be my new fishing partner!”

“This “pen” works very well. It’s like a Flowermate in taste and efficiency, but better. The imag+ takes a smaller load, and it last forever! This thing is pure conduction with no coils. You would love the ease of use and feel of the imag+”

“So here is my review of the Imag Plus ……

It is fairly small, smaller than tvape2.0 sizes. The colors are nice and dark, the blue is like dark cobalt. The build quality is nice save for the plastic mouthpiece, it has a nice weight to it and really does looks like an ecig…….

Its low price and simplicity make it an excellent first vape, and its portability is a huge plus. Even if you basically only use blue like I do its worthwhile, like the single temp FlowerMate, but much better taste. Plus it does have those higher temps to really extract everything. Its also fairly easy to load and unload even on the go.”

“Yes it performs better imo, in term of taste, it’s a hair better but performances are stable unlike the T-vape whivh heat too much with fully charged battery and not enough with a bit depleted battery, with the Imag plus you get consistent session from the first to the last, battery lifetime is a lot better than in the T-vape!”

“Anyway, I really enjoy this vape after light testing. It is highly effective, and the lowest setting is really is enough for me. It extracts the herb right until the verge of combustion, and on the second setting it’s actually a bit too much.
This might be the vape to replace jays I’ve been looking for. No need for the long bong rip like pulls, small tokes, big clouds – just the way I like it.”

“More I use it more I like it, on blue setting taste is the better of all my true conduction vapes (with nice clouds too!) and if you jump to green or red it becomes a cloudy machine, it pushes the extraction at the edge of combustion but there is no smoke or burn taste (at red it taste like my Xp at max).
I think this vape will be a competitor of the most famous units cause it works very well, it is very well built, it is truly stealth and really easy to use, they just need to improve the mouthpiece (and swappable batteries too)!”

“So far I can say that I really like this vape. Much more so than my Tvape 2.0. I feel like without temp settings, I always get much closer to combustion than I want to with my Tvape, regardless of load size. But the blue and green settings on the Imag are perfect for my needs. I thought the 2 minute sessions would annoy me, but it really doesn’t at all. As other have stated, once the first session is over, I crank it up to the next temp setting and still get plenty of vapor. The taste on the first setting was also surprisingly good. Not as good as my Ascent, but much better than the Tvape, and from what I remember about it, the Pinnacle Pro as well.”

New IMAG Plus – Your Stealth Vape!

Relaxotech will proudly release the new version of IMAG Plus with two major improvements:

1.with new mouthpiece, there is no need to worry about clogging of screen or filter.

2.with new ceramic heating chamber, you can enjoy much better taste while vaping.


To thank you for your support and celebrate the upcoming new product release, IMAG Plus will hold a massive giveaway:

Enter to win 20 new version IMAG Plus vaporizers for free!


1.Send required information through EMAIL to [email protected] –  your vaping preference/history, your account name in YOUTUBE/REDDIT/FuckCombustion/Grasscity etc, your past vaporizer reviews, your interest in stealth vaping etc.

2.Our management will evaluate your information and decide if you will be one of 20 lucky winners to receive a new version IMAG Plus for free. After testing and using the free sample,  you need to post at least one review  in any forums(FuckCombustion, Grasscity, Reddit, etc)/Youtube/blogs to showcase the stealth vape feature of IMAG Plus. In this review  you need to post at least one picture to show the IMAG Plus live in action with the background of the environments(inside a car, on the street, in a party, etc.) ( to ensure privacy, the user’s face can be cropped or cut in the photo).

3.Reviews should represent the genuine, unbiased, and authentic opinion about the author’s experience with our product or service.

4.You must be 18 years or older to enter.

5.Relaxotech reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend this giveaway in whole or in part, in the event of fraud, technical or other difficulties or if the integrity of the giveaway is compromised, without liability to the entrant.

New IMAG Plus – Your Stealth Vape!


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