GVP 3 in 1 Vape Pen for Dab Rig, Nectar Collector and Cartridge Vape. Limited Supplies!

GVP 3 in 1 Vaporizer offers a 3-in-1 system designed to
adapt to every popular extract available today

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Meet the GVP 3 in 1 Vape Pen, a revolutionary vaporizer. You can either use it as a Dab Rig, a Nectar Collector, or a Cartridge Vape. Versatile, portable, and reliable, it’s the first 3 in 1 device in the vape industry. It offers a 3-in-1 system designed to adapt to every popular extract available today. The GVP 3 in 1 vape pen is an ultimately concentrates device and portable dab nail with functionality.

Besides the remarkable functionality, the unit also offers you double heating options to heat your concentrates. Simply click the button twice to initiate the 15-second sesh mode.
Powered with an 850 mAh battery with 3 voltages to choose from, the GVP allows you to customize your sessions towards your desires and enjoy them all day long. The 10-second preheat function enables you to prepare your coils for concentrates, while the ceramic heating tip allows you to easily turn your wax into vapor and slowly inhale it from the top of your hydro tube mouthpiece.

Get ready

To be amazed

ceramic atomizer

GVP 3 IN 1 Vape pen ust ceramic atomizer, gives it

15S heat-up Time

GVP 3 IN 1 vaporizer has a quick heat-up time, which is only 15 sec.

3 vortage settings

Adjust vortage settings base on your needs. Convenient

USB Charging cable

Easy to charge. Allows you to charge iyour devices anytime.

Glass Bong Compatible

 The GVP is a small and discreet vape for your waxy concentrates. You can attach it to a bong and vape your concentrates through your glass piece.

What’s needed

  • ceramic atomizer
  • battery
  • glass connector
  • 14mm glass adapter

How to set it up

  1. Screw the atomizer on the top of the battery (You’ll recognize the top because of the carb and the power button).
  2. Screw on the connector on the bottom of the battery (the bottom has the Relaxotech logo).
  3. Push in the 14mm glass adapter.
  4. Back at the top, the atomizer has a magnetic cap that pulls off, and you get to see the ceramic chamber. Here’s where you’ll load your concentrates.

Pro Tips

The perk about vaping is a little goes a long way. You don’t have to fill in the entire chamber. Doing so could disrupt proper airflow, and you run the risk of flooding your chamber. Choose your voltage and attach the GVP to the down stem of your rig. And don’t forget to fill your rig up with water. And just a PSA. The GVP does not come with a water piece or rig. That’s something that you’d have to get separately. But let’s be honest, you probably already have a few of them lying around.

Use as a Nectar Collector

 You can also turn the GVP into a nectar collector.

What’s needed

  • battery
  • heating tip
  • hydro tube

How to set it up

  1. Screw the heating tip on the top of the battery.
  2. Attach the hydro tube to the bottom of the battery.
  3. Fill the hydro tube up with water. Pour the water in from the mouthpiece, just past the airflow hole inside.
  4. You’re ready to collect the nectar of the gods.

Pro Tips

A nectar collector is used if you have no dab tool, no rig, or rig rail. The heating tip is ceramic and is heated by a titanium coil. Hold the heating tip up close to your wax for it to turn into vapor, and slowly inhale it from the top of your hydro tube mouthpiece.

Use as an Oil Cartridge Battery

 The GVP is compatible with all 510 thread oil cartridges. Simply install any 510 threaded oil carb to the top of the battery.

What’s needed

  • battery
  • 510 cartridge (not included in the package)

How to set it up

  1. Remove all the pieces from the GVP and place them back into their case.
  2. Stand the battery right side up with the power button and the carb on top. This is where the atomizer is.
  3. Screw any 510 threaded oil carb to the top of the battery, making the GVP the most compact, impactful vaporizer in the market.

Pro Tips

You don’t have to screw the cards on too tight, and you still have access to your three variable voltages. Remember, always start low. Oil tends to vape a little differently than wax, so not much heat is needed here.

Bonus Way to Use: Cartridge/Rig Mode

Stay in dab mod; there is actually a 2 in 1 option here.
  1. Make sure the atomizer is cooled down first.
  2. Then remove it completely from the top.
  3. You can now screw in any 510 oil cartridge and get the exact same use out of it.
It works the same as before. Just insert the 14mm glass tip into the down stem, press and hold the power button to get your draw, or press two times to activate sesh mode. That turns the 3 in 1 vaporizer into a 4 in 1 device.

Double heating options

There are two options to heat the GVP. Normally, you can press and hold the power button down when you are vaping. But the GVP also features a preheat function that gradually heats your concentrates for a smoother finish.

You can also press the power button two times to activate sesh mode. Fifteen seconds of no button press heating. You can end sesh mode early by pressing the power button once any time during. Once you activate the unit, inhale from the rig’s mouthpiece, the vapor will build up. Then press the spring-loaded carb on the top side of the GVP to release it into your lungs.
Press the carb opens the hole on the top cap that allows air and vapor to flow freely through. And you just took your first hit from the GVP. Make sure your inhalers are slow and deep but do it with purpose. Don’t rush it.

Variable Voltage Vaporizer

 Charging the GVP takes no more than two hours to go from dead to full. The device has three voltage settings(3V/3.5V/4V) to choose from. Just click the power button three times to raise the voltage to the next level. You’ll see the colors change green for 3V, blue for 3.5V, and red for 4V. If you’re not sure what voltage to choose, always start low.

Pro Tips

 Vaping is about pure and clean flavor. The fact that it’s portable and discrete is just a perk. 3V and 3.5V are perfect for everyday use. Going to 4V means that you’re mad, and I take my hat off to you. Now it’s time to decide how you want to vape.

Large Battery Capacity

The GVP has a large capacity 850mAh battery. It’s fully rechargeable using any powered Micro USB cable. It’s also easy to charge, which takes no more than 2 hours to go from dead to full.

What’s in the box?

 The GVP 3 in 1 vape pen kit comes in a very nice travel case that snugly fits all vape accessories. Of course, you get a USB cable, alcohol dab swabs, extra O rings, and a dab tool. The key components here are the GVP battery, glass hydro tube, ceramic atomizer, heating tip, and a 14mm glass adapter.

Kit Includes:

1* GVP Battery
1* Filter Glass
1* Atomizer
1* Glass Adapter
1* Heating Tip
1* Glass Connector
So we covered all key features of the GVP. It’s part electric dab nail, part nectar collector, and part oil cartridge battery. But we also threw a bonus feature in there. You can also use the oil cartridge as a dab nail when wanting to get heavy hits from your rig. Keep in mind that the GVP has a 15-second heat-up time, and the GVP also features an auto-shutoff function. After 20 minutes, the GVP will automatically shut off.
Make sure your device is powered off and cooled down before trying to take it apart. And to optimize your next session, make sure all the connections and components of the GVP have been thoroughly cleaned after every use.

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