A new disposable electronic cigarette with higher utilization rate and better health is launched

There are some problems in the design and technology of the heating accessories of many disposable electronic cigarette products, which leads to oil leakage and insufficient gasification of many disposable electronic cigarette products. The mass production and listing of our company’s latest technical achievement, Relaxo P3, has solved this problem well.

What is the Relaxo P3?
There is nothing like the Relax P3 vaping device. After a long period of various tests, the R&D personnel have fully upgraded the parts and obtained the P3 vape mold — an all in one disposable vape pen mold with larger pod capacity and lighter weight. It features an ergonomic mouthpiece and rechargeable battery.
This disposable electronic cigarette is designed with high standards, strict requirements and experience, in order to give a better effects to the user.

What makes Relaxo P3 the best choice?

  • P3’s newest ceramic heating element enhanced and improved our heating technology to next level. It has higher thermal efficiency that can provides more vapor and larger clouds. Optimized ceramic formulation atomizes a wider variety of Cannabinoids more effectively, enhances the taste to the best.
  • The advanced oxidation-resistant treatment on P3’s heating element keeps each hit tasting as flavorful as your last. Largersize design increases the heating area, helps avoid liquid residue and sticky situation. And its safe materials have passed heavy metal testing,thus safeguarding user health.
  • The P3 comes with a 2ML/4ML frosted transparentpod, makes the oil capacity clearly visible, easy to know when your disposable vape pen is empty. The oil inside flows through thev-shaped design to the intermediate cylinder and is fully burned.
  • Various heating modes endow the P3 with three adjustable voltage and the preheat function,all controlled by one button, to meet different usage needs.
  • The ergonomic mouthpiece of P3 is shaped to fit your lips for a comfortable vaping. And comes with a silicone stopper to block the oil from outflow.

How to use the Relaxo P3?

  • Press the button 5 times to turn on.
  • Press the button 3 times to preheat, and the light flashes for 15 seconds (1V), click again to stop preheating.
  • Press the button 2 times to change the out put power 3.0V/3.4V/3.6V, choose whichever way suits your needs.
  • Start to inhale.
  • When the red light flashes 15 times then goes out, please use the Type-C power cable to charge the P3.

What is the best place to buy P3 online?

Relaxo is a professional company specializing in the R&D and production of electronic cigarettes and disposable electronic cigarettes,About disposable electronic cigarette and electronic cigarette, you can contact us for everything you need to know!

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